Louise Kay

I was introduced to Louise through Fran Kaye who is a wonderful ceramicist I was shooting with for another project. She explained how Louise used to be a yoga teacher before she became an artist which immediately sparked my interest - two of my favourite things. Louise invited me to visit her at her East London studio to see some of her paintings and capture her at work.  Immediately it took me back to my university days being in such a creative space - the smell of the oil paints, colour adorning the walls and paint splatters across the floor. A messy, colourful, perfect space. 

Louise takes her inspiration from the natural world, working freely letting the colour and marks to take over the canvas.  There is a wonderful authenticity to the way in which Louise works, floor bound, barefoot and connected to her surroundings, creating the innate freedom that flows through each of her pieces. 

You can see more of Louise’s work at @louise.k.kaye

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